Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bill Pass First House Committee

On Tuesday morning the bill was heard in the Natural Resources Council. Chapter activists from Central Florida, Suncoast, and Panhandle areas, as well as Professor Donna Christie were present to show support for the bill. Rep. Sachs did an amazing job explaining the bill to the committee and it passed with great support. We would like to highlight major support from Rep. Mayfield and Shultz!!! Next Committee is Civil Justice. No word on Senate yet....

The day didnt end there thought. Members worked the halls of the Capitol to gain further support for the upcoming committee. They were well rewarded at the end of the day with the Florida Coastal and Ocean Coalition Leadership Reception where we gave Senator Pruitt of the Treasure Coast and Rep. Saunders of South Florida awards for their ongoing efforts to protect our coastal and ocean environments.

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